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Together to fight Covid-19

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

COVID-19 has Impacted Our World, this disease is a respiratory infection. The COVID-19 virus is transmitted mainly through close physical contact and respiratory droplets, the infection transmission also is possible by airborne transmission, and surface contamination. As well as Covid-19 there are a lot of invisible enemies. Therefore, Health precautions are the main way to fight it. PREVENTION is our best weapon.

This difficult situation strengthened our understanding that our health permanently needs extra care, and how important sanitizing cleaning is to protect our lives. In this way, the Boston Q. Pro Cleaning provides reliable cleaning services, with detailed, focused, and a systemized process to make your home safe, sanitize, perfectly clean, and smells great. The sanitized cleaning aims to reduce any transmission in surfaces inside our houses and workplaces, such as tables, chairs, walls, light switches, computers, electronic equipment, sinks, toilets, all furniture, and other fixed items.

  • Our services are Licensed and Fully Insured, besides this, each employee is carefully interviewed and screen.

  • High-quality services at fair, appropriate, and affordable prices.


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